Lost In Transnation

I once had a dream where I was at a party with a few friends. Everything was going routinely until I met this girl. I think one of my boys introduced us. She was so amazing to look at that I couldn’t notice anyone else. I can’t remember much about her features, but I do … Continue reading Lost In Transnation


It was his smile that caught her falling. His little half dimples were like quotation marks around his ever-present grin. He was barely dressed; a bad bitch of sorts. He moved from table to table, regaling everyone with his stories and leaving a wake of joy as he did. She’d have to do something special … Continue reading Control

Chivalry Must Die For Feminism to Thrive

Chivalry, in my understanding, is a code of conduct that men must abide by. This code includes everything from holding the door open for women to paying the bill on a date. These small acts of kindness were designed to benefit women. Feminism is the belief that women are equal and deserve nothing less than … Continue reading Chivalry Must Die For Feminism to Thrive

The Morning After

[Excerpt from Novae] I woke up to a symphony of odd sensations. The smell of coffee filled the room, the sound of keystrokes echoed in a long crescendo, and the mattress was moving to the rhythms of, what I gathered was, the soothing vocals of Sohn. I opened my eyes, and she was seated upright, in … Continue reading The Morning After