Memento Mori

“Memento Mori” - remember that you will die. I have the phrase tattooed above a depiction of a skeleton lying on his grave toasting a drink with the devil. The symbolism behind this is for us to embrace our mortality. The skeleton represents us and naturally the devil is the embodiment of death. Toasting a … Continue reading Memento Mori

We’re All Special… Right?

“Everybody is special” “Everyone is unique”. If that really is the case, then I mean technically we’re all the same. So in our “uniqueness”, we’re creating an almost paradoxical realization that we’re actually all the same. These are just random, nonsensical thoughts that I’m sure anyone can unravel and call me out on, but personally … Continue reading We’re All Special… Right?

Confessions of A Sociopath

Sociopathy. In laymans terms, they’re those scum of the earth that do all they can in order to succeed in the world, regardless of how these options and decisions affect others. When you look deep enough at it, the sociopathy stems from an inhibition to understand and relate to the various emotions humans expose in … Continue reading Confessions of A Sociopath