What The Past Year Has Taught Me

What The Last Year Has Taught Me Sorry to burst your bubble but there will be no mentions of actual anecdotal lessons I learnt in the past year. But read on, it will all make sense. You never know the value of a memory as you’re making it. The same can be said about lessons … Continue reading What The Past Year Has Taught Me

Religion vs Spirituality

“Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience” ~Unknown Full disclaimer, I fully and wholeheartedly believe in God. I am by no means a scholar or professional on this topic, a lot of the information may very well be wrong. These are just my thoughts and opinions based of my … Continue reading Religion vs Spirituality

Is It Christian To Strike?

This question was posed to me in a discussion at church over the past weekend. As would be expected, the hands came few and far between; all saying pretty much the same thing: “Yes, I think it’s okay because [insert lackadaisical reasoning here]". Only when a few people decided to change things up a bit, … Continue reading Is It Christian To Strike?

The Illusion Of Choice

Growing up in a church gave me a false sense of entitlement that I’ve had to fight for the longest time. I learnt early on how to compartmentalise to avoid the glaring logical paradoxes that lurk deep in the foundation of my belief system. I could have gone my whole life without recognising any of … Continue reading The Illusion Of Choice

Has The Sun Set On Our Beliefs?

Our solar system, much like our world, is in a sort of ever changing balance that we can only ever wonder at. The more one learns about it, the more motivated one becomes to find a reason for its existence. The beauty in the asymmetrical balance that keeps our presence possible is astonishing. It’s almost … Continue reading Has The Sun Set On Our Beliefs?