We’re All Special… Right?

“Everybody is special” “Everyone is unique”. If that really is the case, then I mean technically we’re all the same. So in our “uniqueness”, we’re creating an almost paradoxical realization that we’re actually all the same. These are just random, nonsensical thoughts that I’m sure anyone can unravel and call me out on, but personally … Continue reading We’re All Special… Right?

What The Past Year Has Taught Me

What The Last Year Has Taught Me Sorry to burst your bubble but there will be no mentions of actual anecdotal lessons I learnt in the past year. But read on, it will all make sense. You never know the value of a memory as you’re making it. The same can be said about lessons … Continue reading What The Past Year Has Taught Me

Who Are We?

Who are we? Everybody has a different answer to that question but there’s no REAL answer, in my opinion. At any given time, the person we are, is the person we want to be - or worse yet, the person we THINK we are. We’re ever changing and evolving. So I really don’t think we … Continue reading Who Are We?

New Me

It's that time of year again where we tell ourselves some of the most expensive lies we'll ever come across. The time of year where we awaken from a booze-induced coma and make bold proclamations about our health, habits and whatever else starts with an ‘h' that fits this train of thought. "New Year New Me" we proudly post on our pages. ‘This year will be different' will become our mantra for the next six to eight weeks until we're back at it again with our white vans.