Tips on a Better Life

Some tips on better living: “Not everyone has a heart like yours”. This rings true, as often, we expect to be treated the way we treat others. We presume that because we act a certain way and do certain things, the people around us will reciprocate the good nature. This tends to lead to unhappiness … Continue reading Tips on a Better Life

Who Are We?

Who are we? Everybody has a different answer to that question but there’s no REAL answer, in my opinion. At any given time, the person we are, is the person we want to be - or worse yet, the person we THINK we are. We’re ever changing and evolving. So I really don’t think we … Continue reading Who Are We?

Hip-Hop, The Internet, And Time

Hip-Hop has permeated through the music industry and has filled itself into the mould of the pop genre. The reason for its success, I think, is due to its interchangeability. This is a genre that has many shapes and forms within its overall shape and form. It’s a genre with many subgenres that each have their own timeline. These subgenres can take centre stage within its supergenre and throughout the world. Trap is a good example of this.