Tips on a Better Life

Some tips on better living: “Not everyone has a heart like yours”. This rings true, as often, we expect to be treated the way we treat others. We presume that because we act a certain way and do certain things, the people around us will reciprocate the good nature. This tends to lead to unhappiness … Continue reading Tips on a Better Life

3 Tips To Become A Successful Artist

Mobilize A Team A great product requires a team. As a consumer, we rarely notice this. But when you start creating art, you quickly realize the limitations you have as an individual. Learning how to create good art, is like learning how to do anything. First, you study the pioneers. The people that came before you. Then, … Continue reading 3 Tips To Become A Successful Artist

When’s The Last Time You Seen Tupac?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of people claiming to be better than Tupac. Actually, I think it’s safer to say that we’ve had an increase in the coverage of these people. In truth, Pac’s name has been used so often that it’s not a surprise that the new … Continue reading When’s The Last Time You Seen Tupac?

Hip-Hop, The Internet, And Time

Hip-Hop has permeated through the music industry and has filled itself into the mould of the pop genre. The reason for its success, I think, is due to its interchangeability. This is a genre that has many shapes and forms within its overall shape and form. It’s a genre with many subgenres that each have their own timeline. These subgenres can take centre stage within its supergenre and throughout the world. Trap is a good example of this.