Nature VS Nurture

What Shapes Us? I had an extremely interesting talk with my dad about the whole “Nature VS Nurture” subject. And I, personally, don’t believe there is any completely right answer. Both, I feel, have an impact on our behaviour and the very essence of who we are. Our environment (nature) provides a growing ground, while … Continue reading Nature VS Nurture

We’re All Special… Right?

“Everybody is special” “Everyone is unique”. If that really is the case, then I mean technically we’re all the same. So in our “uniqueness”, we’re creating an almost paradoxical realization that we’re actually all the same. These are just random, nonsensical thoughts that I’m sure anyone can unravel and call me out on, but personally … Continue reading We’re All Special… Right?

Why People Take Drugs

My days in university were spent getting high, or looking for something to get me high. During those years, I did everything I ever wanted to do. From weed, to acid, mushrooms and MDMA. All of it worked, temporarily dulling the numbness of my existence. Except mushrooms, mushrooms forced me to face my problems. For … Continue reading Why People Take Drugs

Boys Don’t Cry… Pt 2

Laying in bed, trying to peel back the layers to get  through the wall that is shutting me out I, I say to him “you seem very uncomfortable talking about what is going on with you”, surprisingly he agrees. Maybe I'm surprised too. I don’t know what it is about being a woman and feeling like you can fix a man, … Continue reading Boys Don’t Cry… Pt 2

Boys Don’t Cry…

After my last post, an avid reader of my blog and friend, contacted me and asked we write a piece on this topic. I immediately agreed as it is an epidemic. Now I'm not going to lie. It's a morbid topic but it definitely needs to be addressed. I mean it has, but I feel … Continue reading Boys Don’t Cry…