Innocence Lost

She could see his shadow hovering outside of her door. She held her breath and peeped out from under the blanket and stared at the shadow outside her bedroom door. He stood there, lingering, not moving. Her heavy curtains let in no light from the moon or stars. Submerged in darkness, she fixated on the … Continue reading Innocence Lost

Who Are We?

Who are we? Everybody has a different answer to that question but there’s no REAL answer, in my opinion. At any given time, the person we are, is the person we want to be - or worse yet, the person we THINK we are. We’re ever changing and evolving. So I really don’t think we … Continue reading Who Are We?

Confessions of A Sociopath

Sociopathy. In laymans terms, they’re those scum of the earth that do all they can in order to succeed in the world, regardless of how these options and decisions affect others. When you look deep enough at it, the sociopathy stems from an inhibition to understand and relate to the various emotions humans expose in … Continue reading Confessions of A Sociopath

Shadow Of A Memory

She wakes up drenched in sweat and drowning in the thoughts of events passed. ‘Another nightmare baby?’ her boyfriend asks. ‘Yeah, it was just a dream though, I’ll be fine’ she replies. He’s going to go back to sleep without a care in the world. She, on the other hand, is done sleeping for the … Continue reading Shadow Of A Memory