Past, Present, Future

We all fear the future, dwell on the past and seemingly neglect the present. It’s highly important to focus on the future and use it to plan and set goals, but if we live in the future and neglect where we are and the ways in which our present actions affect the future, the future … Continue reading Past, Present, Future

What Do You Value?

Life is hard. We go to school, higher education and then hopefully find a job to support us until we die. Such a mundane existence seems pointless, and for many people who don’t have a vocation they are immediately drawn to may find life that much harder. Some people know from an early age they … Continue reading What Do You Value?

Innocence Lost

She could see his shadow hovering outside of her door. She held her breath and peeped out from under the blanket and stared at the shadow outside her bedroom door. He stood there, lingering, not moving. Her heavy curtains let in no light from the moon or stars. Submerged in darkness, she fixated on the … Continue reading Innocence Lost