What’s in a family?

I’ve always said that kids are fantastic little creatures when they’re not your own. I say this because I've seen things from the other side of the show-curtain; all the ropes, pulleys, and gears. I’ve seen the stresses parents go through in order to keep their children young. I’ve seen the level of responsibility that … Continue reading What’s in a family?


It was his smile that caught her falling. His little half dimples were like quotation marks around his ever-present grin. He was barely dressed; a bad bitch of sorts. He moved from table to table, regaling everyone with his stories and leaving a wake of joy as he did. She’d have to do something special … Continue reading Control

The Myth Of The True-Self

The path towards love and happiness requires self-awareness. My path, started with an obsession to possess the other. Then it was about knowing myself, and why I wanted the other so badly. I’ve seen people take different paths in this journey, and I’ve seen where some of these lead to. I’ve had friends contemplate suicide, … Continue reading The Myth Of The True-Self

Chivalry Must Die For Feminism to Thrive

Chivalry, in my understanding, is a code of conduct that men must abide by. This code includes everything from holding the door open for women to paying the bill on a date. These small acts of kindness were designed to benefit women. Feminism is the belief that women are equal and deserve nothing less than … Continue reading Chivalry Must Die For Feminism to Thrive