How To Live Forever

A Guide To Transcending Your Limitations

Are you afraid of dying?

You shouldn’t be. What if I told you that you could live forever. That you can transcend your limitations, including death.

Would you believe me?

In his early twenties, Terrence Mckenna was a drug smuggler. He was on the run, and most considered him an underachiever with no future. However, the trajectory of his life changed. He learned a few secrets about life from an unlikey source, a source that changed his life.

By the time he was fifty, sick and on his deathbed, his life had turned around. He was no longer a nobody. His words had impacted the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. He gave lectures that people found enlightening. He became a source of wisdom. No longer an underachieving drug trafficker. He was a man who had transcended his limitations.

And when death came, his impact lived on.

Death doesn’t mark the end of life. There’s life after death. This book shows you how, by studying the lives of those who managed to achieve to it. Say goodbye to your limitations, and hello to the possibilities.

You can’t live forever, until you die.

Life comes with limitations. They’re a part of the contract. When a contract ends, the limitations of that contract fall away. Therefore, the first step to transcending death, is a willingness to die.

Most societies deny death. Religions create stories of places people go to, after they die. Most people don’t think about death, which is why, most people never transcend it. Death is a part of life.

Thus, a fear of death, is a fear of life.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The meaning of death.
  • The reasons people fear death and how that limits them.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of dying.
  • How to use death to transcend your limitations.
  • The secrets to living forever.
  • How to transform your life, like Terrence Mckenna.
  • How to create.
  • How to create the life you want.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to overcome your limitations.

With enough time, anything is possible. Read How To Live Forever, and learn how to live a life, the world will never forget about.


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6 thoughts on “

  1. Self- help books were a fad in the 2000s, books filled with vast amounts of advise on how to make it through life flew off shelves faster than the Twilight saga. “How to live forever…” is no different. It aims to give people an understanding that they can overcome the things that limit them in life; it covers everything from relationships, time management, social interaction and habituation.

    The book has one refreshing aspect with regards to the author’s use of his lived experiences. And the promotion of creating as a means to evolve one’s life.

    Whilst none of the ideas in the book are inherently original, the use of societal context rather than a global overview is impressive.
    Though a tolerable read, the book falls short in much of its point being made after many chapters of information that can be well summarised in a few sentences.

    The book should go over well with those who want guidance on life’s questions with its fresh insight and simplistic writing style.


  2. An amazing eye opener that makes you look at life in a different perspective. One would consider it as a very blunt, cut-throat and realistic view, to say the least, about life, time and ultimately death.


  3. It a great write I like the way you compiled it to keep attention of reader… Has that type of rush thing going on makes one think about life more.


  4. I read most of it in one sitting (yes, it’s that good). I especially liked the use of personification that made the ideas more relatable. Overall, it’s Insightful, concise, and downright entertaining.


  5. It’s definitely a great read. Introspective book about life, how to build a life that you want. Also gives a different perspective about death, in a good way.


  6. This great read has taught me aboutTime and how endless possibilities are embodied within time. That’s if we negotiate with her, and this book offers passages on how to do just that.

    A Wonderful kit to create and live your best life without any limitations.


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