The Effects Of Abuse

Abuse is defined as the cruel and violent treatment of a person or an animal. Abuse results in trauma. Trauma, is a type of damage that occurs, as a result of an extremely distressing event. In order to understand the effects of abuse, one must understand trauma. A mental disorder, is a behavioural or mental … Continue reading The Effects Of Abuse

The Science Of Abuse

Have you heard of systematic desensitization? It’s a concept psychologist use to cure people of phobia’s, and other mental disorders. The first time I heard of it, was in primary school. The teacher was going through a list of facts, I thought I was never going to use. Then, she said, “If you put a … Continue reading The Science Of Abuse

Confessions Of An Addict

1. I relapsed again. The desire to cum, overwhelmed my willpower. I feel drained. The fire in my belly has evaporated. I don’t feel like doing anything. Except, watch more porn. I realized, I relapsed long before I took my dick out. I entertained thoughts about watching porn, long before I watched it. I wanted … Continue reading Confessions Of An Addict

Trials And Tribulations

Let me give you a rundown of 2017. For the first time, I started earning money as a writer. Unfortunately, that job only lasted for three months. I took the money I earned, and I invested it in a website. However, the website’s lifespan correlated with the job I had. So, when my job ended, … Continue reading Trials And Tribulations