Superheroes Are Real!

Now I know a LOT of people can’t relate to this particular situation, but quite a few will. And if you alter the specifics of what I’m saying – I’m sure the vast majority of people would in fact end up relating and agreeing to the statement I am about to put forth.

Superheroes are real. Genuinely, they are. In the real world, superheroes take the form of our parents. Especially in a place like Zimbabwe – where I’m from.

A quick google search on the 5 qualities making up a superhero will further confirm my statement. These 5 qualities are:

1. Courage

2. Selflessness

3. Humility

4. Patience

5. Caring

Now in Zimbabwe, anyone that reads the newspaper, watches tv or has any form of social media can see that as a country, we’re not in the most ideal situation economically. We currently have no stable currency, cash shortages, general fear and the price of everyday goods and commodities goes up on a day to day basis. What I’m trying to explain to those who cannot imagine such a situation is this – a whole country is going through this. And this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened. Zimbabwe has been the butt of many a joke about hyperinflation to the point we had a bank note valued at over A TRILLION DOLLARS. So as you can imagine, it must be hard to provide and support a family when there is such hardships facing a whole country. Shortages of fuel, basics and long lines in every single shop have become the norm. A piece of meat (steak) can cost up to $15 for ONE PIECE. And most families have 4+ people, and so what are the costs of feeding big families? Fuel queues are unspeakable, with wait times in them taking hours. Some resort to sleeping in their cars over night to ensure they are first in line for when the fuel station opens. These are just some of the EVERY DAY struggles faced by Zimbabweans.

This is where my statement comes into play. Parents in this country step up to the plate, even in such hardships. They put the needs of their children and family first. Many children are even able to be sent for schooling outside of the country. Now obviously I’m talking about a small percentage of the population that are able to still have such luxuries, and the greater portion of the nation is suffering immensely. But this article is not a comparison between the haves and have-nots. This article is to salute and honour the parents that struggle with everyday life to put food on their tables, roofs over their heads and clothes on their backs – even when salaries stay the same but the price of goods has increased by 400%.

The first time Zimbabwe went through such a turbulent time was in 2008. Exactly 10 years ago. Most of us were too young to comprehend just how dire the situation was. And yet for the majority, people were able to get by – thanks to the courage, adaptability and resilience of their parents. Being 10 years older now and seeing the same situation unfold, I can honestly say that parents are superheroes for surviving and helping their families survive through a time like this. It is honestly amazing that parents are still able to provide and shelter their children when they (as parents) are scared and uncertain of what is happening. It is in the face of danger and uncertainty that our parents stand strong and protect us. THAT is superhero behaviour. They put the needs and wants of their children over their own, and continue to provide schooling when a “good” education costs THOUSANDS OF UNITED STATES DOLLARS for a term. That happening in a country where the average wage is $395 (not paid in USD). If the adaptability and perseverance of parents that go through so much doesn’t amaze you, I don’t know what will.

The reason I said earlier that nearly anyone would be able to relate is that in any part of the world, parents are faced with struggles. Struggles of which they shelter their children from. Whether being made redundant, to simply not making enough money for every day needs – everyone faces struggles. And MOST/SOME parents rise to the occasion and provide. The adopt the mantle of hero and save the day – proverbially speaking. Single mothers/fathers look after multiple children in a household.

Parents are superheroes. Especially here in Zimbabwe. I personally think they embody the very essence of a hero in their courage in situations that would otherwise rattle and scare a normal person. They are selfless and put the needs of the family first – by doing whatever they need to, to ensure the family is looked after. The patience needed to suffer in silence and keep a strong face is immense, and parents do this every single day and come home smiling to show the children not to fear. The care these superheroes have is mind blowing. They will feed their children and starve before letting anything happen to them.

So I stand proudly and say that from what I’ve seen, parents are superheroes. Some, more so than others, but I’m sure most parents do their best in their given situation. Some are a lot better off than others and the situation may be different. But everyone faces struggles. And a lot of parents overcome these struggles. And I think we all need to look up to our parents for what they really are. Every day heroes.

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