So you’re mad that Em called Tyler a F*g?

The Rap God dropped his new project and in classic Shady fashion, he went at almost everybody. A few new beefs started (read: inter-race war) and a whole bunch of conversations have because of it; that’s the mark of a man with influence. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out that I’ve been a Shady fan for a number of years so this may be a bit bias.

How do I feel about this new project? It’s better than that Trump freestyle, at least. But, my gahd, my boy is tired. He uses the same style of wordplay that made him a legend but there’s no real development in it so it kinda sounds like Tally from the Rap Game sometimes. The ‘go at the rappers that are hot right now’ tactic is something he’s always done so really no surprise there. Just a few years ago, he told us that he had considered dissing both Weezy (Lil Wayne) and Yeezy (Kanye West) because they were killing the game (doing well for themselves). He said that that was out of jealousy so we can only speculate as to what the motives for this project could’ve been.

Alright, let’s get back to the topic of discussion: Em and Ty. The Rap God vs The Rap Goblin. What you need to understand firstly, is that Tyler the Creator has said some twisted shit in the past too. It should come as no surprise then that one of his biggest influences was Eminem! (Crazy right?) Tyler once had beef with Bruno Mars for a while because he thought Bruno was in the closet. I can’t remember Bruno ever responding but Tyler was pretty ruthless with the lyrics.

Before we get too far, let’s play a little game I’d like to call: Whose cringey line is it anyway? Just to get a feel for both artists. We’ll start with: “R*pe a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome”. If you said it was Tyler in Tron Cat then you get 5 points. Ok, let’s try “Bruno Mars is still sucking dick and f*cking male butts in the same closet that Tyler Perry gets clothes from”. If you were paying attention then you’d know this was Tyler (we spoke about that Bruno beef before) and the song was Martians vs Goblins. Okay, how about: “I even make the bitches I r*pe cum”. If you guessed Lord Em then 8 more for Gryffindor; the song was Medicine Man. Alright, last one, “Bag full of drag and a Nicki Minaj mixtape, Dragging all you f*gs to the back of the log cabin”? Tyler in Martians vs Goblins.

So what am I trying to prove here? Well, a member of one of my favourite bands has gone at Em for a line where he calls Tyler the f-word and garnered quite a lot of support because of it (as he should). But don’t be deceived by the narrative, beloved! Hip Hop is more than just headlines.

What happened here is that both of them made their names for being controversial rappers. They said some outlandish shit and got flack for it but it only made them stronger. Eminem’s fan base was probably made up of mostly children. He had songs with zany characters and onomatopoeias that mimicked child-like humour (fart noises). Those kids have grown up and dubbed him as a Rap Deity because they grew up on him but he can’t be doing the same things he used to. Yeah, he had songs like Lose yourself that were almost rhythmically perfect but Without me was also a hit. Now that those kids have aged out and he’s sobered up, his attempts at social commentary have fallen by the wayside.

Tyler was one of these kids that grew up on Em and he lauded The Rap God. After Tyler critiqued one of his songs, Eminem felt some type of way about it and this was the response. Joe Budden was also a target for his critiques and he has (or had?) a closer relationship with Double M.

Am I saying that Tyler deserves to be called a f*g? nah, not at all. What I’m saying is, that a lot of people have noted his switch from homophobe to the LGBTQ+ community and it’s made them feel uneasy. It sort of felt like he was doing it for album sales. That, again, is a narrative. People change, people grow, and homophobic people are more likely to be queer (could be another narrative but let’s just roll with it). In my view, Em was basically saying “You are who you said you hated and its probably for the numbers” but in typical Marshall fashion, he had to be unnecessarily controversial.

In a capitalist world where attention is currency, all you need to do is to pay no mind.

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