Stories On Addiction


It started out like every bad story, in a bar, drinking. Then, a friend of mine had a bright idea.

Let’s go to the strip club.”

Fortunately, in our drunk states, that seemed like a great idea. Since I was in a relationship, the girls in the bar were off limits. But in the strip club, I could see ass and titties without getting in trouble for it.

We finished our beers, got into the car and made our way.

The first strip club we went to was horrible. It was the same one my cousin took me too. However, it was filled with men. Too many men, and not enough hoes. The strippers on stage looked tired. One, even looked like she was strung out on drugs. Her eyes barely opened, she looked dazed, and she danced in slow motion.

It wasn’t looking good.

Then, the DJ announced.

Gentlemen, we have a guest from Cape Town for your viewing pleasure. Make some noise for… Shanelle!”

An old woman in her forties got on stage. She was wearing a gypsy outfit. She had rolls on her stomach, and she looked like a grandma. That’s was the last straw. We called it quits and left the strip club.

We went to the second strip club. The one that had strippers that smoked cigarettes with their vaginas.

As soon as we walked in, we could feel the difference. The strippers on stage were smiling, they had energy, they were beautiful, and some, were even licking each other’s pussies.

Then, foam started falling from the roof of the stage, candles came out, and games were played. This strip club was miles ahead.

Yo, they’re giving free lap dances on the other side.” One of my friends shouted.

Free Lap dances?” I asked, puzzled.

That didn’t make sense, but I wanted to check it out.

Surprisingly, they were giving lap dances. Not for free, but they weren’t charged either. You tipped at your own discretion. So, you could get a few free ones if you wanted, it just wasn’t ethical.

At the time, I didn’t understand the business model of this strip club. I heard about strip clubs charging for lap and table dances. Here, it wasn’t charged. And I wondered why. Surely they were losing money, I thought.

But now, I understand the model. And I see the brilliance. It’s the perfect combination of ratchetness, and class.


Lap dances seemed like a good idea. I wasn’t going to fuck any of these girls. So, having a few nipples in my face, wasn’t a bad consolation.

I made my way to the ladies’ bar. I was there for a few seconds, before a stripper sat on top of me and started grinding.

She knew what she was doing. I could feel an orgasm building up. She felt it too. As soon as I was about to come… she stopped. We looked at each other and laughed. I tipped her, as a thank you.

The night continued like this. We alternated between the ladies’ bar and the main stage.

As the night progressed, our will power became less. We went there to watch. But my friends, ended up fucking. The foreplay had gotten too much, and they needed a release. To lessen the guilt he felt, my friend offered to pay for me to fuck a stripper.

I declined, I loved my girl.

Then, I saw her. I had been checking her out for the whole night. She reminded me of a girl I knew, but sexier. I wanted to get a lap dance from her, and I did. The memories I have of that moment, make me cringe.

I lost myself. I buried my face in her tits, licked them, squeezed her ass and let my thirst hang out, for the world to see.

She played along and let me do whatever I wanted. Eventually, I was too hot. I just wanted to fuck. And I told her that. She told me her price. And I only had half of it.

The song ended. She stood up and I walked away. I looked across the room. I saw my boy’s face, lost between a fat ass and big tits. He was enjoying himself. I found the rest of my friends and I told them about my situation. Most of them wanted to leave. But fortunately, one of them decided to hook me up.

I walked around the strip club, looking for her. Eventually, I found her, on the main stage walking around. I walked up to her and told her ‘let’s go’. She said we could go, after she’s done here.

When she was done, she walked off stage and asked for the money. I gave it to her. She took it and told me to follow her.

She went to the front desk and gave them the money. They gave her change and a key card in return.

She took the key card and walked to a secluded section behind the bar. There was a lady sitting at the entrance. She gave her the key card, and the lady gave her a key.

We walked in. It was a private area, with a stage in the middle, and four private booths around it.

This Is An Excerpt From ‘Stories On Addiction’.


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