3 Tips To Become A Successful Artist

  1. Mobilize A Team

A great product requires a team. As a consumer, we rarely notice this. But when you start creating art, you quickly realize the limitations you have as an individual.

Learning how to create good art, is like learning how to do anything.

First, you study the pioneers. The people that came before you. Then, you study the greats, in hopes to emulate their success.

When it comes to art, you’ll realise, no man is an island. Nobody becomes great on their own, especially in music.

However, artist tend to have a grandiose opinion of themselves. They tend to over value their contributions. As a result, the narrative they tell people, is how they did it on their own. How they started from the bottom and made it to the top.

But when you look at the creation of their art, you’ll notice the hands of many people.

Some of our favourite songs have multiple writers, producers, a recording engineer, a mixing engineer and a mastering engineer.

And that’s just the creation.

There’s more people involved in promoting it, creating visuals for it, and making sure we get to hear it.

As an independent artist, this realization can be demoralising. When you’re in the basement, working alone, realising you’re competing against a team of people, is depressing.

A sense of hopelessness can set in. When you realise, that the story your favourite artist tells you about their success, is not the whole truth.

  1. Trust The Process

Fortunately, not all artists are delusional. Some artists, are aware of the part their play, and the part their team plays. These artists, tend to be honest. They openly share their path to success. They divulge intimate details on how they made it, no matter how unflattering it is.

By studying these artists, I’ve learned to trust the process.

Nothing great happens overnight. Beautiful things take time. Sometimes, being in the basement, alone, is exactly what you need. Sometimes, you need to develop your skills for success, in the dark, where it’s lonely.

Eventually, you begin attract the right people. The people you need to succeed.

At first, its the people around you. They see your drive, motivation and work ethic. They see the fruits of your labour, and they want to be a part of that. This is when your growth becomes exponential.

  1. Hustle and Motivate

“If you want something, you gotta Hussle for it” – Nipsey Hussle.

Hustling involves more than working hard. A hustler is a thinker, as much as he is a hard worker. Hustling requires the ability to turn people into believers, believers of your dream.

First, it starts with your team. Then, it’s the whole world.

Secondly, you have to motivate the people around you.

People don’t just buy products. They buy your message. They buy your beliefs. Instead of focusing on the what, focus on the why. One of the first rules of creating a business, is identifying a need, and fulfilling that need.

Too many people focus on the ‘what’, what it is they’re creating, and they forget about the ‘why’.

The ‘why’ turns people into fans. It encourages brand loyalty. If you don’t have a why, you’re lost. And if you’re lost, how can you expect people to follow you?

How can you expect people to sacrifice their hard earned money, for whatever it is you’re offering?


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