Past, Present, Future

We all fear the future, dwell on the past and seemingly neglect the present. It’s highly important to focus on the future and use it to plan and set goals, but if we live in the future and neglect where we are and the ways in which our present actions affect the future, the future we are so hopeful of will not be likely. I’m sure we’re all guilty of sitting and imagining multiple scenarios for different situations we want to pan out, daydreaming and hoping. But this daydreaming is robbing us of the present. Each moment we spend in this dream world of hypotheticals is taking away precious moments we could be living in the Now. Let hopes and aspirations for the future guide and motivate the present.

The past is equally as important as well as time consuming. The past is powerful as in it, we learn from mistakes we made as well as learn what we did that led to success. The past is there to teach us lessons when reflected upon. But reflection doesn’t require obsession and more than is necessary. Experiences from the past can be used as a reference point when dealing with present situations and when deciding if an action may prove fruitful or a failure. Most people tend to dwell and live in the past – by reliving painful or embarrassing situations, replaying them with alternate endings they feel they could have done better.

Living in both these timelines will lead to unhappiness amongst other things. How can one truly be happy when they are focusing on the shortcomings of the past and mistakes they made they feel they could have avoided? Or focusing on the future and building unrealistic and extremely grand ideas for a future which will make the future itself seem daunting.

If one lives predominantly in the present, they can focus wholly on where they are and what they are doing. By doing this, they are more in tune with where they are and can easily adapt and transform a situation in any way they see fit. The sadness, anxiety, anger and any other emotions – when felt in the moment will subside. This is a truly beautiful realization as you come to understand that those ill-feelings will not last forever. If focusing on sadness or anger from the past, it will linger and eat you slowly – diminishing present happiness. If you are scared or sad of the potential future, you will live each present day dreading and feeling strange waiting for the reason behind your fears to manifest.

Live in the now. Experience everything in the now. Live today and feel today. Learn from the past and plan for the future, but live in today. Take each bit of happiness, sadness, excitement and everything else as they come. Don’t take the present for granted. The future we so often fear does not come for everyone. We never know which day will be our last. Why fear something we have no knowledge will come. Dwelling in the past robs us of both the present and future. Find happiness today. Take each day as it comes and embrace it with the vigour and excitement you would if it was your last day. Make each day count and live it fully. As the saying goes – Don’t count the days, make the days count. Find happiness today.

Wake up early, see the sunrise. Sit and drink a cup of tea or coffee and really enjoy it. Take in the smell and let the liquid sit in your mouth to fully experience the taste. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Sing in the shower. Smile at the bus driver when you step on the bus. Greet the person scanning your items in the shop. Breathe in the fresh air and feel it fill your lungs. You are breathing. That in itself is a blessing. Take joy in the small mundane activities you do each day. If you can do that, you will learn to fully enjoy each day to its fullest. Love every day. Love yourself. Love your life. Let it fulfill you and bring you joy. Love now! Love the present!

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