Trials And Tribulations

Let me give you a rundown of 2017. For the first time, I started earning money as a writer. Unfortunately, that job only lasted for three months. I took the money I earned, and I invested it in a website.

However, the website’s lifespan correlated with the job I had. So, when my job ended, the website shut down.

During the time it was online, the website achieved a couple things. An article I wrote was retweeted by TaxStone, and that drew in a hundred visitors over the course of two days.

Unfortunately, TaxStone is in jail right now and that can never happen again. #FreeTax

When my website shut down, I went on the job hunt again. I applied for numerous jobs and got accepted to some. But, I didn’t accept the offers due to the working conditions. It was either I didn’t like the terms of employment, or the job I would be doing.

I was holding out for the right job. I wanted to build connections I could use as references in the future. Therefore, a job I was halfhearted about would draw a halfhearted effort from me. And that’s not how you form a good relationship with an employer.

After months of job hunting, the right job came along. An opportunity to publish a book. I applied, and the publisher replied. He was excited to work with me. We signed a contract, agreed on the type of book I would write, and off I went to write the book.

I told my parents about the job and they were happy for me. However, they expressed some concern over the fact that I was still in school. I was in my final year and they were worried I wouldn’t have time to do both.

I started writing the book. I didn’t have a laptop at the time, so I used an iPad. I was a few pages in, when I learned I failed a module in my first semester. The module was prerequisite, so it prevented me from taking another module in the second semester.

My degree became a year longer. A year I didn’t want to do.

I thought about dropping out, so I could focus on the book. I would return in the following year to finish off school. It didn’t make sense to sacrifice the book, for school, when the book could put me in a better financial position than school could. I had to come back for another year. But if the book was a success, I wouldn’t have to.

And then, my iPad was stolen, along with what I had written.

I had to start over. I told my parents I wanted to drop out and they disagreed. So, I went behind their backs. I wrote the book instead of assignments. Two months later, the book was done, and I liked it.

I sent it to the publisher. He liked it too. He needed me to do more work before the book could be published. I did the work, sent it to him and sat their waiting for my royalties with enthusiasm.

He never responded.

I sent him numerous messages and he just kept quiet. I did more research on him and he turned out he had a habit of disappearing. I had just been scammed.

I walked away, cancelled the contract and took the work with me.

I decide to choose myself, the same way I did when I quit school. I had sacrificed too much for the book to sit in my laptop. I chose to self-publish, and to invest in myself the same way my parents had invested in me.

This is where I am now. In 2018. The year I chose myself.

Everybody told me to stay in school. However, nobody but me, held the responsibility of doing the work in school.

Everybody said they wanted what’s best for me. But they ignored what I told them was best for me.

I wanted to listen to my parents. But I couldn’t.

They’re going to die at some point. They won’t always be there to guide me. I had to build a relationship with myself. I had to learn to trust, and to believe in myself. If I didn’t, who else would.

And if I did, I wouldn’t need anyone else to.

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