Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Or Else…

The journey of a thousand steps, begins with the first one. I can’t remember how many first steps I’ve taken. The first time I learned to walk. The first time I went to school. The first time I stepped into a boarding school, alone, with no parents to comfort me, as they drove they off.

I remember the anxiety I felt, in each situation. It wasn’t pretty, and I wasn’t comfortable. But, things got better. Day by day, I settled into my new environments, and my comfort zone expanded. The boarding school that represented abandonment, became home. The unfamiliar faces inside, became friends. And the anxiety I felt when I walked in, became excitement.

Every time I step outside my comfort zone, I experience this. I experience anxiety and doubt. I become self-conscious and conscious of others. I become hyper aware of my environment, and the people inside it. And, I wonder what’s the worst thing that could happen. As if, it’s the only thing that could happen.

And every time, I experience the same thing. I learn that my environment, is not as scary as my mind. That the people around me, are friendlier than the people that live inside my head. I learn that everybody is self-conscious, and conscious of others. And that the worst thing that could happen, is also the least likely.

Eventually, my fear subsides, my anxiety disappears, and excitement takes its place.

Furthermore, I learn.

Every time I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone, I’ve learned. I’ve learned things about myself. I’ve learned about other people. And, I’ve learned about things I didn’t know.

Most of my personal growth, occurs outside of my comfort zone. The discomfort I feel, symbolizes my limitations. Limitations in what I know, limitations in what I perceive, and limitations in what I understand.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. If you feel uncomfortable, that’s where you need to be. This is how you transcend your limitations. If you never feel discomfort, you’ll never transcend. You’ll never transcend your environment, your problems and your limitations. You’ll never become who you’re meant to be.

You’ll settle, for who you are.

We all on this Earth to grow, develop and change. From a fetus, we grow and become human beings. We develop from babies, to children and finally adults. Then, we become kids again.

Remaining in your comfort zone, is choosing to remain a child. Its choosing to stunt your development. Its shooting for the grave instead of the moon.

The hero in every story, ventures into unknown territory. In the face of danger, they choose to trudge along. And, what do they find out there… fame, success and love.

For more information on how to transcend your limitations. Check out, How To Live Forever: A Guide To Transcending Your Limitations.

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