Has The Sun Set On Our Beliefs?

Our solar system, much like our world, is in a sort of ever changing balance that we can only ever wonder at. The more one learns about it, the more motivated one becomes to find a reason for its existence. The beauty in the asymmetrical balance that keeps our presence possible is astonishing. It’s almost as if it was all purposelly tailored to preserve life. This is a wonderful thought to have. The idea that some great being carved out a little corner of this harsh and hostile universe just so that we could ruin it, is quite a comforting one. It makes sense to us, right?

Countless civilisations have had their versions of beings that took part in the creation of this wonderful solar system. Civilisations that have had absolutely no contact with each other whatsoever, have all harmonised in the belief of an origin; a genesis of some sort where the building blocks of all that we know and love were designed and formed. The clues to their presence have been hidden deep within the very nature that we choose to isolate ourselves from.

A simple look at the sun would show you how incredibly blessed we ought to feel. This isolated celestial body is different from those of its peers. Its isolation is odd and it’s also quite small in relation to the others. It’s made up of a heap of different layers that interact to give us the light, warmth, and energy that we all enjoy on a daily basis. Its gravitational force holds everything in our neighbourhood in place and its magnetic field protects us from all the harmful matter that whizzes about between the empty pockets of space in, well, space. Our distance from it is perfect and our magnetic field protects us from the winds that turned mars into the vast desert that it is today.

Just pondering about what could’ve gone wrong when Prometheus wrestled the celestial giants for our place in the universe could give you a panic-attack. The idea that some being did all this just for us and that that very being still looks in our direction to see if we’re all right, is so comforting that it has encapsulated our thinking and poisoned our reasoning. Our world is not as safe as we think it is. We have gotten so comfortable in such thinking that a comparison with the dinosaurs is quite valid.

The world believed in a supreme being because no one had answers to any of the existential questions that we asked ourselves. The supernatural grew out of our ignorance of the world and became a place where we allowed our minds to run wild. The celestial beings that we look to as evidence of our gods are merely the inspirations for them. The only thing that the ancients shared in common was the skies above them and their capacity for creativity.

So where does this leave our most treasured beliefs? Are we to believe in a field of study that only has some of the infinite answers that we seek? Are we to abandon all hopes and belief in our gods just to please the logicians of this world? We don’t have to. The truth is that there is no real evidence of the presence of a supreme being but the flip side to that coin is that there is no real evidence of the absence of a supreme being either. We are free to take comfort in any belief we call home and, as long as we don’t hurt anybody, no one can stop us.

So what do we do about those pesky thinkers? Well, we use them to reshape our understanding of the world and our beliefs. We once believed we were the centre of the universe till those thinkers proved us wrong. The problem wasn’t the belief but our interpretation of it. We need to allow these thinkers to help strengthen our beliefs and help get us closer to the bosom of the Gods we all know and love.

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