God is Batman

[The following article might be offensive to sensitive readers. Also that the use of the pronoun ‘He’ is just used for the sake of convenience and does not dictate the gender of said Supreme Being.]

All my life, I’ve been taught that God is all knowing, all powerful, and always present. Kind of like Superman without the whole ‘bound to the physical plane’ thing; essentially, Superman on steroids. The Devil has been described to me as a very powerful and very intelligent being; a couple of the traits necessary to take on the likes of God.

There’s this belief that the Devil is out to get us but the truth is that we don’t matter to the Devil until we matter in God’s plans. So, on the chessboard of this battle between G(o)od and (D)evil, people that are moved by God are attacked by the Devil.

Now, there are a lot of bad things that happen in the Bible. Some get chalked up to the Devil while others are claimed by God. In the world of the supernatural, though, responsibility is a very delicate matter. If we look at all the things the Devil’s done, we see that God allowed them to happen.

To put this into perspective, let’s take a look at the story of Peter Parker. Peter lets a bad guy get away and that very same bad guy ends up killing his uncle. To say that Peter allowed his uncle to get killed, would be harsh because he had no knowledge of the future. To a Being that knows what is, was, and will be, this is a different situation altogether.

The reasons for allowing the bad things to happen always vary. I’m sure this inspired the phrase ‘God works in mysterious ways’. From what we see here, we can say that God is an anti-hero. He is always good but sometimes it’s hard to see; just like Batman.

This makes sense to me because the God I first pictured would be very isolated. If God was incapable of having bad thoughts and untaintable then he would only be able to talk to himself. We, as ‘tainted’ as we are, would not interact with Him.

An interesting concept to entertain is the existence of goodness outside of God. We say that ‘God is good’ all the time but this doesn’t mean what we think it means. By saying this, we are proclaiming that God is attached to the idea of what is good. This would mean that goodness exists independent of God, meaning not all that is good is from God. Our understanding of this Supreme Being tells us the exact opposite. Now, this could just be me overanalysing a praise phrase but that’s pretty much what we do when we dissect the Bible, isn’t it?

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