Dinner Date

Chapter 1

“Another shitty day at the office. I hate my life and I really hate this job. I need to work harder on my side business. So that I can take vacations to Paris and sip margaritas by the beaches in Brazil. This job sucks. At least it pays the bills. It keeps my girlfriend happy, which keeps me happy.”

These were the thoughts I had as I packed my bag and prepared to go home. I switched off my work laptop, put it in the laptop bag and walked out. I felt drained. I needed a pick me up. I wondered, what could I do to elevate my mood when I got home?

I opened the car door, put my belongings in the backseat, jumped into the driver’s seat and drove home. The weather was gloomy. The sun had started setting, clouds were forming, and it looked like it was going to rain. I reached for the radio, turned it on… my phone started ringing.

“Hey babe.” I answered.

“Hey boo, how far are you?”

“Maybe an hour before I get home. I’m stuck in traffic. You know how it gets after work.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry boo. Could you please stop by the store and pick up a few supplies for me? I’ve got a surprise waiting for you when you get home.”

“Okay, no problem. Will do so.”

“Thank you.” She hung up.

“I hope the surprise is something I can eat”, I said to myself.

I was feeling tired. I needed to rest. A night of sex was the last thing I needed. And whenever my girlfriend had a surprise for me… it was usually a new gift wrap for her pussy.

Chapter 2

I walked into our apartment. A wave of spice hit me as soon I entered. My baby is cooking up a storm. I hung my coat on the coat hanger that stood next to the door. I walked in to the kitchen, found her by the stove, focused intensely on the food she was cooking.

I put the groceries on the dining table, walked up to her, hugged her from behind and kissed her on the cheek.

“Can I get a taste of that? It smells delicious.” I commented

“Sure babe, just don’t ruin your appetite.” She said as she lifted the spoon towards my lips.

I took a taste. Commented on how delicious it was, before heading to the bedroom to get changed.

“What’s the surprise.” I shouted from the bedroom.

“Don’t worry. You’ll see after dinner.” She replied.

I knew it involved sex. She became horny after eating. I was hoping to sleep, but it looked like I was in for a long night.

I looked at my dick and said, “I hope you don’t let me down today. I didn’t get Viagra when I was out getting supplies. So, it’s just you and me… and her.”


Dinner was amazing. They sat together, enjoying each other’s company and her delicious cooking. That’s one of the things that drew him to her, her ability to make a house into a home. They sat and spoke. First, about his day, then hers. When they were done eating, she cleared the table and took the plates to the kitchen.

“I hope you left room for more.” She said, mischievously.

“I always leave room for more.” He replied.

She walked into the bedroom and shouted, “dessert is almost ready.”

He sat there in anticipation, wondering what the surprise would be. She walked out of the bedroom in something new. Something he had never seen before.

She was wearing high heels with fishnet stockings. No panties, she wanted to get straight to business. She had a black lace bra on. She walked up to him, slowly. The air in the room got thicker the closer she got.

She bent down on her knees when she got to his chair. She opened his legs wide and started unbuttoning his shirt. She told him to take of his pants too as she stood up and walked back to the kitchen.

She returned with a bottle of lube.

“Why is your underwear still on?” she asked.

He jumped out of them as if they were ants swimming inside. She bent down, poured the lube over his cock, rubbed it in and took him into her mouth, slowly.

She sucked him till she felt his balls tightening and his cock rock hard. Then, she got on top and felt him penetrate her swollen walls. She rode him till her body shook in ecstasy. Driven by lust, he picked her up, put her on the dinner table and pounded her with everything he had.

The room was filled with moans and groans. He felt his legs twitch and his balls tingle. He knew it was time. He pulled out and sprayed his milk all over her stomach. She reached down and started rubbing it in her skin, while she tried to regain her breath.

He got on his knees and kissed her lips. She arched her back as she felt an orgasm building in-between her legs. She grabbed the back of his head and started fucking his face. Her legs clenched, as her body went into spasms. He waited for her to release him, before he made his way up. Kissing every inch of her skin on the way.

“I always leave room for more.” He said, before he kissed her.

Chapter 3

We sat there. Glowing from an intense session of passionate sex. My legs were still shaking as I lay there on the table.

“My heads spinning.” I told him.

He laughed, kissed me on the cheek and walked to the couch. I lay there a for few more seconds, collecting my thoughts and replaying everything that had just happened.

I got up from the table and walked to the pantry to fix myself a little snack. I took a packet of popcorn, popped it into the microwave and waited. I glanced to the lounge and I saw him sitting on the couch, flicking through channels on the tv, looking for something to watch.

When the popcorn was done, I poured it into a bowl and joined him on the couch. I snuggled up next to him. It felt good to lay in his arms. They felt like home. When I was there, the rest of the world disappeared. It was just me and him.

“Baby, please check out E! entertainment.”

I looked up to see him sleeping. I bumped him with my shoulder to wake him up.

“What” he replied, sounding agitated.

“Change to E!”

He did, then fell right back to sleep. I woke him up again.

“We’re supposed to be bonding. Wake up.”

“I’m tired. Leave me alone.” He grunted

“Wake up, baby. Wake up.” My attempts were futile. He lay there, lifeless. I understood why he was sleeping. He had just fucked my brains out. It was only normal. But I really wanted to spend more time with him. I hated being alone. When he was asleep, I felt alone.

The lack of conversation left a sting in my heart. I felt lonely. I felt the loneliest when I craved a connection the most.

“why can’t he stay awake after sex?” I asked myself.

I want to play with him, talk and connect. All he wants is sleep. I wish he could stay up. But to be fair, he did fuck me good. I guess he earned his rest. I got more comfortable, keeping my eyes glued on the tv as I prepared to go to sleep. Tonight’s been one hell of a night.

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