Hip-Hop, The Internet, And Time

Man hours; this is an important term to remember throughout this piece. The gist of it is this: if there is a group of 10 people and each person puts in 2 hours of work into the project then there is 20 hours worth of man-hours in said project. That doesn’t mean it took 20 hours to finish coz we could all be working simultaneously.

Hip-Hop has permeated through the music industry and has filled itself into the mould of pop. The reason for its success, I think, is due to its interchangeability. This is a genre that has many shapes and forms within itself. It’s a genre with many subgenres that each have their own timeline. These subgenres can take centre stage within the supergenre (hip-hop) which will then put it at the forefront of world music. Trap is a good example of this.

Music genres, however, are known to fizzle out. R&B, for instance, has sort of fizzled out and been absorbed by Hip-Hop. The timeline for these genres usually goes a little something like this: inception then growth before it interchanges between peak, plateau, and plummet. What I’ve noticed, though, is that the genres that are seen to have more depth to them, seem last longer.

So we have subgenres, like Trap, that have risen within Hip-Hop and made waves throughout the world. Trap is, in my opinion, on its way down and because we hate voids, something else is bound to fill that gap again.

Now I believe that anytime something is born, it comes out with its expiry date. This date is not known to the rest of us but, much like a calendar, its days are numbered. With the internet, this date is somehow shortened. The reason for this is that life on the internet generally goes quite a bit faster than life in the physical world. The number of people that consume and contribute to the discussions, shorten any piece of works’ time span in real life. Man hours.

This theory suggests that Hip-Hop might soon be on its way out of pop culture. It is bound to happen but the question then becomes: “What’s next”? I believe the only way this question can be answered is in hindsight so we won’t know until we know.

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