The Cleaners

“Should we go in?” Dugie asked.

“I don’t know.” Daks replied.

“Let’s go in… What’s there to be afraid of?” I asked.

“I don’t know the place looks a bit dodgy. There isn’t even a sign on the door. Except for this tiny ass one saying, ‘no under-18s and the club is unisex’.” Daks pointed.

“Plus, we’ve only seen men go in.” Dugie chimed in.

They were right. We stood outside the door for ten more minutes and saw another group of three men walk in. “Fuck it. I’m going to see what’s inside.” I said.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a flight of stairs that led to the basement of the club. At the bottom of those stairs, I saw a row of woman, dressed in skimpy outfits, standing in the doorway that led to the basement. “this must be a brothel.” I thought. There was a sign on my right that read ‘bathroom’. On my left, the dance floor. I decided to check out the bathroom first, Dugie followed.

Outside the door that led to the bathroom, was a mini lounge where people sat. It was mostly men, a few women, and the men were making out.

“There’s a lot of gays here.” Dugie whispered.

I nodded. I feared making eye contact with them because I knew they would take it as a sign of interest. Eventually, one of them tried to hit on me right after we made eye contact. That was it.

“Dugie, let’s go.” I said, as I walked out and made my way to the dance floor.

The dance floor was surrounded by couches. There was a lot of women sitting on these couches, some of them even sat on the floor. I walked in, staring at all of them with amazement.

“so many women.” I said to myself.

“I can see you’re trying to figure us out.” a voice coming from my right said.

She was sitting on the floor. I smiled, walked over to her and sat down.

“I’m trying to figure out what you guys are doing here.”

“A lot of guys wonder what work we do here. And then they’re surprised when they find out we’re cleaners.”

“Hmmmm, I was starting to think you were hookers.”

“Hookers, Why?”

“I have my reasons. But, are there hookers?”

She kept quiet.

“Tell me why you think we’re hookers?” she asked.

“Well, firstly, it’s the outfits. All of you look sexy. I mean, I’m getting turned on just looking at you.”

She smiled.

“Secondly, when I walked in here, I saw a row of woman in the basement.”

“Did you go down there?” she asked

“No, but the last time I went to a brothel, I saw a similar scene. A row of women.”

She laughed.

“That’s the women’s bathroom.” She replied.

I felt stupid, but glad that I made her laugh.

“I think I’m going to shut up now.” I mumbled.

“No, don’t. We really do look like hookers.” She said, smiling.

“So, you’ve been to a brothel huh… tell me more about that.” She continued.

“It was a hotel in Joburg. It turned out to be a strip club and a brothel. It was my first time too. I was surprised at how many women were there and how beautiful they were.”

“Did you buy ” she asked.

“A gentleman never tells.”

“Did you buy?” she asked again.

“Yeah I did.”

She smiled and touched my arm.

“Don’t worry. No judgments here.” She said

I looked around to see if I could find my friends. They were gone.

“What are you looking for?” she asked.

“My friends.”

“Don’t worry about them, they’re probably having a good time.”

“Yeah, you’re right. There’s a lot of women in here. They’re probably drowning in pussy.”

“Unless they went to the men’s bathroom.” She giggled.

“Yeah. Then they’re drowning in dicks.”

“You’re funny. You know, we could have a lot fun together” she, said with a smile.

“Oh yeah, what kind of fun?”

“It depends… How much money do you have?” she said, as she put her left hand on my groin and started rubbing it.

“A R100”

She kept quiet. I could see her mind turning.

“That will do, follow me.” She said.

She stood up and made her way to the stairs. We were sitting the whole time. So, I didn’t notice how big her ass was till she started walking. And, it jiggled. She wore shorts that tightly hugged her thick legs. I got excited just looking at here.

We walked down the stairs to the women’s bathroom. We turned right and were greeted by another set of stairs leading further down. At the bottom of those stairs, a long corridor with two rows of rooms. She walked to the third room one on the right. There was a leather couch and a roll of toilet paper. She took the roll and started cleaning the couch…

“they really are cleaners.”

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