Lars In The Real World

There’s been some recent uproar around the subject of sex dolls. I have no idea what caused it but from the tweets I read, I figure some article announced the arrival of a realistic sex doll. Men and women of all types have come from all angles with their own views. The conversation started with a few jokes; ‘the alternative to dealing with women is buying a realistic sex doll’ was the gist of it. This spiralled out of control and has both sides heated. It must be said though that each side consists of both men and women but on the whole, this is a Men vs Women kind of debate.

Alright, let’s first examine the sex doll. It should come as no surprise that a sex doll is considered a sex toy. My understanding is that sex toys are objects or devices that enhance or simulate sex. With the formalities out the way, we can now try to put everything into context.

Women have a wider range of sex toys and this is probably down to a number of factors. I think the most prominent of which is because of slut-shaming (we’ll talk about how the term slut-shaming is kind of slut-shaming in itself, another time). In the times when slut shaming went virtually unchecked, men were allowed to sleep with as many women as they deemed necessary; women not so much. This meant that women were socially restricted in the number of sexual partners they could have but people still have to bust nuts so masturbation was the alternative. Toys flourished because they didn’t bring as much shame to the women as another sexual partner would. A secondary reason could be biology. The female form is, in my view, more suited for a wider variety of stimulating devices.

I saw one tweet that read: ‘Women are complaining about this sex doll while harbouring choppa’s with d*cks attached to them’ or something to that effect. This tweet was accompanied by a photo of a submachine gun with a dildo attached to the end. The gist of the argument is that female sex toys are in the same ballpark as male ones so they should be the last to judge. This makes sense. Men have to either compete or collaborate with women’s sex toys. Vibrators have been known to desensitise, no man is a machine, and when the sex is bad, more often than not, people pin the blame on the guy.

I saw another tweet that said something a little more disturbing. It read: ‘If a man can sleep with a sex doll then he is more likely to f^ck an unconscious woman’ or something to that effect. This sounds like it comes from the mind of a feminist extremist but there is some basis for it. Porn has been known to desensitise because the brain is incapable of differentiating between porn and actual sex. The longer people watch porn, the more likely they are to delve into the darker videos and then desensitise themselves of that too. With this in mind then it’s not too difficult to see where she was coming from but that statement has so many implications that it can only be seen as insanity because it ignores so many things.

The implication with a statement like this is that sex with an unconscious woman is the ideal. If that was the case then men wouldn’t complain about women who play “Rotisserie Chicken” during sex. The developers of these dolls understand that men enjoy interactive experiences so they are going to do their best to make the doll look as convincing as possible as well as giving it optimum functionality. If sex with an unconscious woman was the ideal then prostitutes and porn stars wouldn’t have to be as skilled as they are in the sack. Either way, her argument is moot. Sex with a doll is the alternative.

Let’s look at the target market for these sex toys. They are usually people who can’t have sex with humans at that time. There are exceptions to this but, for the most part, anyone having sex with a doll probably didn’t choose it over a woman.

I will admit this though, it is possible that a sex doll could reinforce antisocial behaviour in convicted rapists. There has been much debate over the existence of childlike sex dolls. The idea behind it is to satisfy the urges of paedophiles without them having to touch children. We must understand that paedophilia is like a disease. We have people that suffer from these urges but choose not to act on them and it has been hypothesised that those that have yet to act on their urges are more likely to benefit from using these dolls as an outlet. People are different though so it may work for some and it may not work for others. The question then becomes whether narrowing the line between the paedophile and the act will reduce or increase the cases of child molestation that we see today.

Sex dolls have been around for ages. There was even a movie made about a dude that married his. It is said that women are being paid to give their voices to these dolls to enhance the experience. Some brothels have opted to replace their staff with these sex toys so it makes sense why some women will feel threatened. Truth is that sex toys like these are probably going to be more common. Someone might even put their Alexa into one of these dolls and create an android. These sex toys might even decrease the demand for human trafficking. Who knows?

So what have we learnt? Well, the use of sex toys is on the rise, pocket pussies have bodies now, and women are not being replaced but rather assisted by these dolls. If you don’t feel like having sex with your man that day then you could just whip out the ‘ol sex doll and he’ll be good. The only reason these dolls exist is because some dude got tired of fapping.

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