10 Things I Learned In 2016

  1. Friend zone sucks

Well, this isn’t something I learned this year, but I experienced this throughout the year. Now, first let me clarify, if the decision to be friends is mutual then that’s not classified as friend zone. That’s just friends. Friend zone is when the guy has ulterior motives to form a friendship. This was me, with a girl friend of mine. I was waiting patiently for the day I would be promoted out of the friend zone and into the smashing zone. The problem with friend zone is that its needy. It’s an attachment more than a genuine desire to be with someone. This was the case with me.

  1. When it comes to dating, your friends give the worst advice

This is something I suspected, but only fully realized this year. There were numerous situations with girls, where I knew what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure of myself. So, I consulted my boys. Most of the time, my friends told me to go for it. 90% of the time, this is good advice. Except for those moments where I knew it was time to walk away.

The problem with consulting your friends is that, they aren’t aware of everything going on in your relationship. They only know what you tell them. This makes it easier to manipulate them into giving you the advice you want to hear. The people in the relationship have all the information they need. Most of the time people know what to do or what to say. We just too scared to follow through.

  1. Smoke weed after, not before

This year, I punched in a year of smoking weed, a year and 6 months to be exact. I think I’ve earned the right to call myself a stoner. Unfortunately, I abused this drug a lot this year. I would smoke before doing anything. Time to study? Let me first smoke a joint. Going to the gym? Let me light this one up first. Going to a party? A joint is a must before the party starts. I became dependent.

However, unlike other drugs, it’s hard to function in society when you high. For example, studying while high is a hard thing to do. Especially when you’re smoking high grade of weed. There’s just too much going on in your mind. Plus, you get short term memory loss. Once you lose your train of thought, it’s next to impossible to get it back. Weed is for the end of the day, not the beginning. Its works wonders if you want to relax and boost your conscientiousness. It’s the drug you take to think about something, not to do something.

  1. The world is connected

I discovered this when I took shrooms. The world is connected. When I was tripping, I would become aware of the connections between people’s actions. Nothing happens in a vacuum. A girl would stop next to me and I would wonder why, the reason would soon become clear. This belief managed to transfer itself to my everyday life. I didn’t need to be high to start seeing the patterns and connections in life. People would gossip about someone, and behold that person would appear. Some of these things can be chalked up to coincidence, but I don’t believe in that.

  1. Relationships are hard

The main reason I think this is true, is because people settle. They choose their partners for superficial reasons. A few friends of mine would start a relationship with the intention to only get sex, but along the way things would change. They would shackle up with their partners and start playing house. This isn’t bad.

However, it would soon become evident which relationships were unhealthy and manipulative. But they would refuse to let go. I would sit there, listening to their problems. I could easily see who chose their partner based on their values, and who entered their relationship blind. People say, “love blinds” that’s not true. From my experience, it only blinds those who choose not to see.

  1. People hate losing

We don’t like to lose. Even when it’s that person who brings us misery. People get attached. Men and women. However, it becomes unhealthy when people maintain relationships because off these attachments, and not on the value a person brings.

  1. Drugs are good

I believe drugs and spirituality go hand in hand, if used correctly. It’s a cliché, but almost every stoner I’ve met is aware of spirituality, to some extent. Whether they ended up spiritual because of weed, or they were spiritual before the weed, I don’t know.

However, these two often link. Drug users are what I would call skeptics. Especially when it comes to religion. This is because drugs can easily replicate the experiences that religion promises. Being on mushrooms can give you an experience that feels like you’re talking to a God. A simply conversation can feel so enlightening. This is one reason I believe they are banned, they pose a serious threat to organized religion.

  1. We are not unique

We are individuals, but we are not unique. Whatever you are going through someone out there has gone through it, and someone else has gone through much worse. Sometimes, I feel like nobody can relate to me. And if I try hard enough I can make this a reality. When I explain a story, I can hide information that prevents people from empathizing with me. I’ve done this countless of times and I’ve realized it’s stupid.

People do understand if you give them the chance to, and if you are honest with them. The emotions you feel are not new. The situations you experience are not new. The problems you go through are not new. Sorry to burst your bubble, but people who are certain that they can’t be understood, are wrapped in a ball of self-pity and are looking for attention.  I’ve been here before, and sometimes I go back. These people aren’t looking for help. They want to suck your emotional energy.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

I’ve never gotten into a situation I couldn’t solve, by telling the truth. That’s the beauty about the truth. There’s always a way out. Lies put you in a corner. When you find yourself in trouble, remember, your mind got you there, and it can get you out. The thing with the truth is that it relies on faith.

What is, is, and the rest falls into place. Lies, are a way of trying to manipulate reality. It’s our way of trying to play God when we’re not. We’re humans, mere mortals. When you tell the truth, you wrap yourself in an invisible cloak of protection. Evil can’t harm you. It may try to, but as long as you trust your truth and you have faith in it, God will do the rest.

  1. There’s a GOD

God exists. She/he is real. I will not attempt to describe him because he may appear differently to each of you. Some of you have made your partner God. Some, have made themselves God. While others, make material possessions God. Whatever you choose to worship, there is an unmistakable truth. There’s a God.

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